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Why is Daily Yoga Practice A Necessity For Better Health?


If you have recently entered the vast terrain of the ancient art of Yoga , it is mandatory that you understand that it requires complete dedication in order to prove fruitful. Before you start practicing yoga, you need to understand the ample benefits of opting for yoga asana on a daily basis. Yoga brings 100s of benefits for both the body and mind and here are a few of them that can actually motivate you towards daily yoga session.

Yoga For Beginners by yogateacher training goa

1-Feel better with each passing day

Simply defined, yoga is a regenerative and rejuvenating art form that essentially makes you feel better with each passing day. You can pick an asana of your choice and start approaching it with open mind. The more you practice, the more confident you feel with time. You see a new side of freshness and happiness. If you want, you can practice this art in both morning and evening. However, once every day is important if you are seeking a calm mind with better health.

2-Increased Body Flexibility

If you are still unaware about the benefits of yoga in terms of flexibility, it is high time you add it to your daily routine. Practicing this art is a boon to the body that desires better flexibility for building a muscle memory. You get to accomplish the physical tasks without straining your body much. You can bend it like Beckham. You might require regular football practice for that but you gets the essence of the statement, right? You can easily kick the football with a good force while chasing it down the goal post easier than before you invested your time in yoga.

Yoga For Beginners

3-Improved Core Strength

Most people perceive yoga as an art form that is just about stretching or bending. However, it is more than that. It requires a good amount of inner strength to master the bending and stretching part of this art form. Core body strength is important in order to avoid any kind of injury, or in order to boost body’s immune system.

Yoga brings to you a higher metabolism rate while making everyday task easier to accomplish. Many asanas are also designed to bring in the effect of ‘Weight Training’ while supporting the body weight with regards to the gravity.

4-Boost to the immune system

Yoga is a mixture of different form of body movements that is great for boosting the immune system of the body. Starting from the twisting to back bending, everything you do to achieve a perfect pose helps in calming down the body while bringing in effect the digest and rest reflex action of the nervous system. You body focuses less on the reflex action of the body that causes stress such as fight or the flight reflex action. Inflammation and stress in the mind is connected to a lower immune system inside the body.

Yoga For Beginners

5-Better Focus

With yoga in charge, you body attains a clutter-free and quieter mind that helps you direct energy to a place of importance rather than improper channeling of energy. With time, you develop concentration that helps you gain mental resources while processing information in a quicker fashion.

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