Seven Accurate Remedies for Hand Removing Tan

Seven Accurate Remedies for Hand Removing Tan

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Summer or winter, Tanning harbors every season. Tanning is a major obstacle in the way of getting soft and healthy skin. Even in winter, you can hide your skin from clothes, but in the summer you do not even get this facility.

The problem of tanning actually occurs when the skin lasts longer hours in sunlight. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays harm the skin. At the same time, when you do not use sunscreen, then this problem can be even more.

These spots falling on the skin can be quite annoying. Especially you can easily see uneven color of the skin. But, you do not have to panic, if you have trouble tanning on your hands, then we are telling you seven perfect prescriptions.

How to Remove Tanning from Hands

        1. Turmeric and curd, the mixture is right
Take a cold curd in a bowl. Add some turmeric powder in it. Put this paste on your hands twenty minutes                      before bathing. If you want you can put this mixture on your throat and face too. This will help you to get rid                of tanning.

  1. Cucumber i.e. diamond
    Make cucumber pieces in two pieces. Grab half a cucumber. Now get two teaspoons of milk or milk powder in this cucumber. Along with that, also add some drops of lemon juice. Apply it to the affected part of skin tanning. Wash it with ordinary water after drying. Use of this mixture once a week will help you to clean your skin.
  2. Tomatoes painted in color
    Cut the tomatoes into two pieces. Rubbish the inside of the tomatoes on your skin in such a way that tomato seeds and juices come into contact with your skin. This will reduce the color of your skin as well as the problem of tanning too.
  3. What to say about almonds
    Almonds are extremely useful to remove tan from hands. Take five-ten fresh green almonds and grind them. Put five drops of sandalwood oil in this paste. Place this paste on the affected area of ​​the skin. If fresh almonds are not available, then soak the almonds in the water all night and then do this procedure.
  4. No one like papaya
    Papaya is not only nutritious in food, but it also works to protect skin color. To remove tanning through papaya, you should mash a few papaya and put it on your hands. It will remove tanning with your hands and your skin will also get the necessary nutrients.
  5. Quickly remove turmeric tanning
    Turmeric is a very effective way to overcome many skin problems. Mix lemon juice in turmeric. Now mix the raw milk in this mixture. Put it on your hands Wash it with cold water after drying. You will be able to feel the difference in the first time.
  6. Lemon juice, lonely enough
    This is the easiest solution. Just put lemon juice on your hands. Wash it with cold water after 15 minutes. This helps in removing tanning. Lemon is easily available and it has been used for a long time in beauty products.

It was a few simple home remedies to remove tanning. But, it is more important to protect your skin from any type of problem. The need is to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Get out of your house by covering your hands and arms. If you can not do this, then use a classy skin protection.
Drink plenty of water. This keeps the moisture essential for your skin. It does not dry skin

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