best VSD treatment in India

Things to Know About Procedure of VSD Treatment in India


The best VSD treatment in India is of the opinion that children do well with this surgery. At the same time you cannot rule out the chances of complications as well. It would depend on the size of the hole and the general health of an individual as well. If you analyse the possible risks it does go on to include:

  • Infection or the chances of excessive bleeding
  • Blood clot which could lead to the chances of stroke
  • Heart block where you need a pacemaker
  • Other complications which could arise from anaesthesia

You cannot rule out the chances of late complications as well. But they may arise as well. It could point to a problem with the heart valves. Though on the rarer side the patch that you have gone on to fix the defect does become loose in stature. If this occurs you might need another surgery. Do ask the doctor about the specific type of risks you are likely to face.

It is suggested that you ask your doctor on how to get your kid ready for best VSD treatment in India. Mostly your child should not eat or drink anything past midnight before the date of the surgery. At the same time you might have to stop taking medicines beforehand as well. Sometimes the health care provider would want some extra tests before the surgery. This would include the chest x ray or for the matter electrocardiogram to check the general condition of the heart.

The Procedures in Relation to the Surgery

It is better that you discuss with the doctor of your kid on what to expect during the course of the surgery

  • The moment the surgery is about to start the child will be given anaesthesia. It is undertaken via an IV. The child is going to be put to sleep during the surgery. For sure he is not going to remember a single thing what happened during the course of the surgery
  • The entire procedure is going to take a few hours
  • The surgeon is going to mark an incision in the middle of the chest. In order to reach out to the heart the breastbone is going to be separated
  • To a heart lung machine the child will be attached. During the procedure this is going to do the work of the heart and lungs of your child
  • In order to reach out to the septum, the surgeon tries to reach out to them via the valves of the heart.
  • Once the procedure is over the breastbone will be put back with the aid of wire.
  • The surgeon then closes the muscle along with the skin. The chances of a bandage being applied are also there.

After the surgery is over you can discuss with your surgeon what needs to be done. The chances are that with a surgery VSD is going to be cured completely. At the same time no major activity restrictions are needed . You just need to be part of medicines.

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