Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery, A Stigma No More


A few days ago Rohan was playing football and while he was at it, he slipped and missed a goal but what happened right after it was worse than missing a goal. He had slipped and dislocated his knee. His parents, at their wit’s end, took him to an orthopaedic doctor who suggested immediate knee replacement surgery because he had dislocated and fractured it. The word surgery caused a chill down the family’s spine and they asked the doctor for any other method but alas that was the only solution.

There are millions of families like Rohan’s in India. Families that curl up like snakes on hearing about knee replacement surgery. Osteoarthritis is a condition where the flexible and mobile tissues suffer wear and tear. It can occur in young people and they usually go about ignoring the pain which might lead to severe complexities in future.

Such surgeries should no longer be looked upon as something only the old get when they suffer from arthritis.

To educate people, orthopedic surgeons must gently ease a patient in understanding the benefits associated with knee replacement in India and tell them what a significant change it can bring in the quality of their lives. Knee replacement surgery aids in a variety of activities that were closed to the individual because of severe pain. Activities like walking, stretching, exercise, swimming, running activities like badminton and tennis can become easier than before. People with arthritis who dreamt of participating in marathons can turn their dreams into reality with knee replacement surgery.

Why is it necessary to operate on a problematic knee?

When the knee becomes weak due to ageing, injury or osteoarthritis it can disrupt the normal life of the patient. Apart from this the inflammation and the terrible pain and immobility of the knees makes movement very difficult for the patient. Knee replacement surgery along with its diverse ways replaces the problematic knee with a healthy and better  alternative. How often can you rectify a serious mistake in real life? The answer is definitely a negative one. However the mistakes inflicted on your knee can undergo a change with a gift of free movement with knee replacement surgery as the badly affected cartilages and bones are replaced with metal or ceramic filling.

What to keep in mind after surgery:

Extertion should be kept to the minimum. You cannot become Neymar the next day after your surgery. Recovery takes time and while you’re at it, you can indulge in just lying down doing nothing because opportunities like this come once in a lifetime and are rare. Take your surgery in a positive stride and make the most of it.

If your bathroom floor is done up in marble you might need to put rubber mats to prevent slipping. Same  goes for any and every material in the household that you can trip on and severally injure your leg again.

Ask for help. Do not let your ego come in the way after your surgery. Help is crucial because you need rest. A member of the family can do it best or you can appoint someone to take care of your needs.

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