how to make youself sneeze

How To Make Yourself Sneeze- 9 Easy Ways That Works


Have you ever wanted to sneeze but it can not go out? This feeling makes you discomfort, especially in the class or an appointment. Sneezing is one of a natural reaction of the body. However, sometimes you need some stimulate factor to sneeze. Not at all people know how to make yourself sneeze. That’s why we write this article that can give you some useful tips.

What is the sneezing?

Sneezing is the release of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, usually caused by stimulation of the nasal mucosa that causes small objects outside the body. The sneeze is like an explosion and an involuntary and uncontrollable action.

What is the function of sneezing?

Sneezing plays a role in removing mucus which contains foreign particles. Those who can irritate or clean the nose. The scientists used a laser to capture the fainted image and found that, when sneezing, in the mouth will fly out thousands of tiny water droplets, carrying out the bacteria that cause diseases.

How to make yourself sneeze?

  1. Try to see some bright light: Some studies showed that one-third population would sneeze when they look at the bright light. And this characteristic has heredities. You even do not know that you have this ability or not. You can suddenly see the bright sun or come into a light room. You also close your eyes in a few minutes and open quickly. Do not see direct sunlight, and it can damage your eyes.
  2. Spicy flavor: How to make yourself sneeze by spicy flavor is the best choice. However, you should not inhale directly pungent smell. Instead of this, you can find some food which contains much pepper or chili. You can crush it, and this action also helps to sneeze quickly.
  3. Stimulate the nostrils: Nostril is a sensitive area. You can use the tissue to stimulate the nostril hair that can make you sneeze. Take the fabric and twist it to form a spike. Put the tip of the membrane into the nostril, twist to create a sense of sneezing. You can instead of fabric by tampon, feather, chicken feathers. You must not to use any sharp materials or go in deep the nose because it can make the nose injury.
  4. Massage for the nose: Massage can stimulate the nerves by using your fingers. You can use finger or thumb to massage around the bridge of a nose. You might feel sneezing immediately.
  5. Eat chocolate: Chocolate contains the high level of Cocoa that can make you sneeze. You need to eat some pieces of dark chocolate. It is not sufficient for those who addicted Chocolate and eat them regularly. It is useful to those who rarely eat chocolate.
  6. Chew peppermint gum: Peppermint has a fresh smell that useful in respiratory disease treatment. Someone may be surprised with the strong smell in peppermint. In theory, cool fresh can make you sneeze. Another also stimulate with toothpaste which contains peppermint.
  7. Find somewhere cool: If you notice, you will realize that you will get sneeze easier in cold weather than usual day. It can explain because the cold air stimulates the trigeminal nerve in the face and around the brain. That’s reason make you sneeze. You can go somewhere cool or even go into the refrigerator.
  8. Tweeze the eyebrows: The nerve in the nose and the eyebrows are close together. When plucking any eyebrow hairs, the nerve stimulated. It leads to sneezing, or you can try a few times.
  9. Humming a favorite song: Your goal is to shake the nasal membranes to cause sneezing. You can sing a song while your mouth is close together while trying to stir a part of your nose. If this does not work, try peeling and pushing the air through the mouth cavity. Let the air escape slowly to vibrate the lips. Try to breathing that can be shaking the lips and you will be sneezing easy.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Sneezing is the typical sign in many people. It appears due to an external factor such as the weather, dirty, cosmetic, perfumes. If sneezing is not regular and it does not last for a long time, you do not mention it. Nevertheless, sneezing combined with a headache, runny nose, etc. It can warn you that weak immune system. You should relax and go to see a doctor.

It is discomfort feeling, especially when you have an essential appointment if you want to sneeze but you can not. How to make yourself sneeze is necessary for daily life. It is also a way which helps you feel relax and pull the bacteria out.


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