How to get rid of Throat Infection with home remedies in One Day

How to Get Rid of Throat Infection with Home Remedies in One Day

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These 5 home remedies are cured without any sore throat in 1 day without medication

With the heat going, winter has already started. This change in the weather indicates a lot of things, it gives a lot of changes in the body. In such weather, problems like cold, cold and viral fever also occur. The most common problem in all of these is a sore throat which most people have. It is necessary to fix the sink on time, otherwise, it takes the form of a cough. To cure throat swallowing, we are telling you about 5 easy home remedies, which will bring you relief in one day!

Hot water and salt garlands

When there is a sore throat, the mucous membrane cells become swollen. Salt reduces this inflammation, which provides relief in pain. For treatment take a glass of warm water in lukewarm water and mix it with garlic. Make this process three times a day.


Garlic kills bacteria that cause infections. Therefore garlic is extremely beneficial in a sore throat. Elisin present in garlic also reduces throat swelling and pain as well as killing bacteria. For treatment, keep sucking garlic on both sides of the cheeks and keep sucking slowly. As the juice of garlic will go in the way, the rest will get relief. To remove garlic juice, keep on brushing your teeth in the centre.


Due to the dryness of the throat, there is a complaint of infection in the throat. In such a case, take hot water in a large vessel and cover the mouth with a towel and steam. Doing so will also lead to throat and the infection of the throat will also end. This action can be done twice a day.


Ginger is also a very good medicine for a sore throat. The antibacterial properties present in ginger provide relief from the throat infection and pain. For the treatment of a sore throat, boil it by putting ginger in a cup of water. After this, add honey to it after lukewarm it. Drink this drink two to three times a day. A sore throat will get relief.

Masala Tea

Boil the cloves, basil, ginger and black pepper in water, after which, add tea leaves to it and make tea. Drink this tea hot. It is also a very beneficial remedy for a throat, which provides instant relief in the throat.


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