Eyelid Surgery

Here’s Some Pre-Eyelid Surgery Information You Need to Know


Regardless of the type of surgery you need to address your health crises, it’s only natural that you have several questions in mind. Your first worry would be whether you are a suitable candidate or not and whether you can have alternative (non-surgical) options. Will the surgery have an impact on your health? What will the recovery phase actually be like, and how many days will it take the results to show? The fact is, without this information, you will end up feeling concerned, uncertain, and anxious at the same time.

Today, eyelid surgery in Atlanta or the blepharoplasty surgery is a common surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the eyelid. An experienced, board-certified surgeon can perform the surgery on the lower and upper lids. The eyelid surgery has the potential to treat some concerns people have regarding their eyes. For example, it is the cure for concerns like sagging skin under or on the eyelid, which creates folds and affects the natural contour of the upper eyelid. In some cases, this even impairs the vision.

Other reasons why people opt for this procedure may be to get rid of the fatty deposits that appear like puffiness, under bags, drooping eyelids, and other similar reasons.  Whether you wish to improve the appearance of your eyes, or a wish to address functional problems with your eyelids, this surgery is the suitable option, which will rejuvenate and enhance your eyes.

If you are considering opting for this surgery, here is some pre-surgery information for you.

The Experience of Your Surgeon Matters

One of the very first steps you have to consider is to choose an eyelid surgeon who has ample experience, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery. Keep in mind that you have to make sure you do not rush into this and take some time to carry out your own research first. Explore your option, narrow down your options, and then you can go ahead to schedule a consultation with the surgeons you prefer.

At the time of the initial consultation, you should ask your surgeon about the number of surgeries he or she performs on a daily basis. You can ask them for their credentials, whether the American Board of Plastic Surgeons approves them with board certification or not.

The Surgery May Be Expensive

Although this surgery is a common one nowadays, it could be an expensive one too. If you choose a clinic that offers huge discounts, the results of the surgery could also be lower. In most cases, discount-pricing means the results will not be up to the mark, and choosing a major surgery means this isn’t the time to go for trial and errors just to save some money.

Make sure that you do not take the risk, especially when it comes to your eyes. You should be willing to spend a bit more, but rest assured that the surgery would prove to be worth your investment. Of all the possible procedures, the eyelid surgery proves to be the most important one, offering long-lasting results.

Be Open with Your Surgeon

It’s only normal that you have no clue on what to expect from the eyelid surgery, but if you choose a confident and experienced surgeon, this will not bother you at all. The key is to find a surgeon you can trust, and feel comfortable or confident with. Make sure that you research properly on your surgeon, go through reviews of other patients, establish trust, and be open through communication. You should freely discuss all your major concerns.

An important consideration is a trust. Even if you choose a board-certified surgeon, if you are not able to build trust, you won’t be able to connect with them, and this will only bring more doubt into your treatment. Trusting your surgeon will ensure that you have peace of mind, and this brings comfort and guarantee during the consultation.

Swelling is Normal Post Surgery

Most people fear the after results of the eyelid surgery. After the surgery, you should know that swelling is something normal. It may take some time for the swelling to subside; it may increase in between or decrease. Your skin texture may change during this stage, creating more creases, but rest assured this effect is only temporary.

It Won’t Transform Your Look

Rest assured that an eyelid surgery in Atlanta would not drastically transform your appearance and make you look odd. However, it will rejuvenate and refresh your look, making you look younger. It will restore a youthful touch to your face and most of your peers will not actually realize that you just had the surgery.

Above all, the most important thing is to research the procedure well. If you are planning to go through the surgery, research the surgeon’s credentials. Ask them all the questions you have in mind, and discuss all your expectations to make sure they achieve the goal you desire.

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