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Cure Your Foot Related Issues with Medical Guidance from Foot Clinic


If you are experiencing foot pain, you should definitely consult experienced doctors at a foot clinic. Whatever be the cause of your foot pain, the specialized doctors are expert enough to figure out the real cause of the pain or discomfort in just no time. They will provide you with hardcore professional treatment and will ensure that you can get back to your foot and it starts functioning normally in a negligible span. You can put an end to your foot pain and get back to optimum mobility with the assistance of skilled doctors at these specialized foot clinics.

Let’s Know More About the Type of Treatments Offered at These Clinics:

Before You Look into The Treatments, First Figure Out the Possible Causes of Foot Pain. Few Common Causes of Foot Pain Are:

1. Plantar Fasciitis: This foot problem is seen among many patients who feel extreme heel pain which normally originates at the hind foot. The pain is typically felt when they try to walk a few steps after a period of rest. Once the foot adjusts itself for the activity, the pain usually subsides on its own. But it may return back after sitting for a long time or even this may occur after prolonged standing. To treat this condition, patients must consult expert doctors at foot clinics. Their condition may improve by 20-25% in two weeks, and within 2-3 months, they can recover completely. 

2. Achilles Tendonitis: A person suffering from Achilles Tendonitis experiences severe burning pain originating from the rear part of the heel. It worsens when you put extra weight on your toes. Treatment of this problem includes ice application and bringing some changes in the level of activity. Professionals at the foot clinic will suggest you some stretching and strengthening exercises with which you can get some relief. They may also advise you to wear flat shoes in place of heeled shoes in order to maintain proper alignment and eliminate the stress on the Achilles tendon. Recovery, in this case, is normally slow and can occur over a period of several months. 

3. Shin Splints: This condition can be bifurcated into two categories: medical shin splint and anterior shin splint. At foot clinics, both medical and anterior shin splints can be treated with standard care to help you get rid of the pain. 

4. Morton’s Neuroma: The Morton’s Neuroma is a foot condition which causes acute foot pain. It affects the ball of the foot, generally in the area between the third and fourth toes. The pain is normally similar to the sensation of standing with a stone entered within the shoe or as if the sock got folded inside. At a foot clinic, the patients experience relief from pain on a temporary basis when the affected space is properly massaged. The healing period varies according to the severity of the condition. The patient may get relief within a few weeks of consulting with foot pioneers at the foot clinics and recover completely in two to three months. The treatment may even take a year to completely recover, in case the condition is acute. 

5. Metatarsalgia: The pain, which is experienced in the metatarsals, due to inflammation in the ball of the foot, is called metatarsalgia. Generally, it is caused by an overuse injury due to sports. Individuals suffering from this foot problem suffer pain or tenderness in the foot’s plantar surface or in the metatarsal joints. It can arise due to one factor or a combination of several factors such as intense training, badly-fitted shoes, foot deformity, excessive weight, stress fractures, Morton’s Neuroma, etc.  At foot clinics, the doctors will ensure that the weight gets distributed evenly along the plantar surface of the foot so that your condition can be relieved. 

Thus, if you are suffering from any of the above problems or are witnessing any of the given symptoms, you should not neglect the pain and must consult the veteran doctors at a reputed foot clinic treatment. They will gladly assist you and ensure that you receive the best medical attention for your foot problems at the earliest.

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