home remedies for dry and torn lips

Best Home Remedies for Dry and Torn Lips

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The importance of lips is in enhancing the beauty of our face. Apart from this, there are also many functions. But many times people become disturbed by the rupture of the lips or becoming stupid. Many types of creams and other things are available in the market to soften the lips but here we are telling you some best home remedies for dry and torn lips.

1. Use of honey

Honey is used in many other functions besides eating. With this help, you can treat torn lips too. Before sleeping at night, after applying honey on your lips, wake up in the morning and wash them with cold water. By doing this for a few days your tilted lips begin to recover.

2. Use of lemon and ghee

To fix torn lips, mix some ghee in some droplets of lemon and apply it on your lips at night, then wake up in the morning and wash it with water. After a few days, the lip will start reducing, and the colour of the lips will be pink. But wash it after irritation, wash it.

3. Use of papaya

Papaya is considered to be very good for our health. Make a lip of papaya and massage your lips. Using this method continuously for a few days can help prevent your lips from exploding.

4. Coconut oil

Every day the massage of your lips with coconut oil can also be found to be broken by lipped lips. Apply lemon juice to your lips before sleeping at night. Take this measure for at least two months.

5. Beetroot juice

Lip colour is also pink by applying. The red colour in the beet is present in the natural form, so the lips are pink. Bitterroots juice also removes the blackness of the lips. Rub the orange on your lips. Its juice makes the lips soft and beautiful. Mixing coconut water, cucumber juice and lemon juice on the lips remove the blackness of the lips.

6. Turmeric Powder

To removes the problem of broken lips, putting in the lips in combination with the cream also eliminates the blackness of the lips. Also, grind the pomegranate grains with cream and grind them on the lips. You will also see the difference and your lips will become beautiful.

7. Mustard oil

Mustard oil can be used now in home remedies. To soften torn lips, mustard must be applied in the navel before sleeping on the night. By doing so, the problem of lips bursting is removed and the lips also become soft.

8. Consumption of liquids

During the burst of lips, you should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. If your body is dehydrated, it is often the first time the lips are revealed. The more water you drink, the better it will be. This is the easiest and easy way.

9. Chew cheeks or cheats

Avoid the temptation to chew lip or chew the lips constantly. These two habits make the situation worse. Chewing lips can provide temporary relief, but when the saliva gets dry from the lips, your lips again dry up. Exposing the skin of the lips can lead to bleeding, infection, or wounds.

10. Scrub of salt or sugar

By putting this scrub on the lips, massage the circular motion and remove the dead skin. This will make your lips look soft and fresh. Use the brush to remove the dead skin. The easiest brush to use in this case can be your clean toothbrush. To remove the dead skin, rub it on your lips in circular motion. Do not use soap-based scrub. Face wash with scrubbing beads and other SOAP-based scrubs will dry your lips.


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