The evening gatherings and parties always accompany one question, ‘’what kind of makeup look should you go with?’’. People get really confused between what to do when there’s an evening party around. Whether they should go with light makeup, or a dark dramatic one is the most confusing query.

When it comes to evening events, people usually tend to go with a very dramatic Smokey eye, or more like a look which involves the use of heavy falsies because falsies automatically add a heavy look to the eye. Moving to the lips, people prefer going with reds very commonly however, in some cases nudes are also preferred if they want to go with a more noticeable eye makeup.

You have to go heavy with one thing when you do an evening makeup. However, it is completely your own choice if you want to go with a noticeable eye or a noticeable lip. The 10 best Maybelline lipsticks which are more than gorgeous for evening use have been listed below.

1. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Range: Matte 2 6Lo8o:
Do you want to turn the heads once you walk into the event? Well, it is possible with none other than the Maybelline matte 2 6Lo8o which is a flawless matte and well, you might expect it to be dry or crusty due to the matte look that it gives but it is nowhere near dry. It is exclusively included in the Maybelline moisture range.

2. Maybelline – Crazy for coffee:
Coffee lover? Well, if you want to go with a prominent eye look but also not ‘’too mute’’ on the lips, then this lipstick can surely help you do that. It is a light coffee brown color which will look gorgeous with golden eyes or a black Smokey eye.

3. Maybelline – Hooked on Pink:
Pink is that versatile color, which you can opt for no matter what look you are going with. From no makeup looks to heavy makeup looks, pinks will always accompany you. And what’s better than the Maybelline Hooked on Pink lipstick? This will definitely fulfill all your pink requirements. No matter what time of the evening you have your event on.

4. Maybelline – Pink Tourmaline:
This hot pink shade will just doll up your overall look like no other lipstick will ever. Hot pinks are considered the most ideal if you want to go on a party during the evening time and just don’t want to go with the ‘’too much’’. This lipstick is the most moisturizing one you would have ever witnessed. However, it does not give your lips any kind of oily look.

5. Maybelline Nude – Peach buff:
Well, if you want to go with a dark Smokey eye, then the makeup rule always says go with a nude lip. When it comes to nude, the Maybelline Peach Buff, is the peachiest thing you would have ever seen yet so beautiful that once you see it, you would definitely want to take it home.

6. Maybelline – Extreme Plum:
You do not always have to go with a red, you can go with a warm plum tone as well. Well, this lipstick is not as simple as you might expect. It has specks of glitter in it which are not as visible but add a shine to it.

7. Maybelline Super stay 14 Hr Lipstick Fuchsia Forever:
One of the most annoying things during a party is refreshing the lip color again and again because you don’t want to miss on the fun just to go and re apply the lip color. Well, we have the solution, this Maybelline Fuchsia Forever is a perfect purple tone for your lips. It will provide your look with a very flattering touch.

8. Maybelline Colorsenstional High Shine Lipstick – Fruit Punch:
This lipstick is not a matte one but rather has numerous tiny flecks of glitter in it which mix up together giving a very smooth look to the lips. The lipstick is highly moisturizing however, it does not make the lips chunky. It is a perfect fruit color.

9. Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Lip Color Lipstick Partner in Crimson 30:
This lip color is a very warm red tone which is perfect for evening use. The best part about this lipstick is that you do not feel overdone or heavy after using it. This lipstick makes sure it does not make your lip texture or fine lines visible therefore, if you have dry and crusty lips, you need not to be conscious before applying it. Moreover, it is not very oily as well so it is a moderate lipstick. The smugger on one side makes it easy to build and lighten the color and yes, it is super travel friendly.

10. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Tinted Taupe:
If you’re a person who has medium to dark skin tone, then know that this color is made especially for you. However, fair skinned people need not t disheartened because it looks glamorous on fair skinned people as well. It is a perfect brown shade and you just need to apply it twice to get a high pigmentation. It has a great consistency.

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